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B.A.G. Travel is an immersive adventure travel consultant for social groups and organizations. Through our affiliates, we also provide visa/passport services, travel insurance protection, and tickets to the hottest concert, sports, and theatre events worldwide! #youradventuredesigner 

B.A.G. Travel 2022 Yosemite Trip - Curry Village

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B A.G. Travel provided exceptional service, and our trip was spectacular. Michael is detailed and professional. 

Veronica Perry

Photo of Maurice Foley

B.A.G. Travel is an amazing company to work with when it comes to putting together a memorable travel experience. Mike is very friendly, asks the right questions, pays attention to detail, and pricing is fair. It was a pleasure working with him at the Black Travel Expo. 

Maurice Foley, Founder/CEO - Black Travel Expo

I was invited by a work colleague to a Yosemite trip with B.A.G. I didn't know what to expect because I didn't know anyone, but the person who invited me. On the trip I had the opportunity to step outside my comfort zone. I met other professionals, went hiking, enjoyed the breathtaking sights of Yosemite, and immersed myself in a memorable experience. The booking process was not stressful because the leader was quite communicative and organized. I highly recommend one to book with B.A.G!! You won't be disappointed!! 

Somalia M.

Photo of Alex Kogoi

The Yosemite trip was very enjoyable and well- organized.  Definitely recommend this trip whether it’s your first time to Yosemite or whether you are a repeat visitor. 

Alex Kogoi

Photo of Jorge Millanes

I had a great time in my trip to Puerto Vallarta, I would definitely do it again!
Great people and great activities! 

Jorge Millanes


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Mike Henderson

Founder of Black Gay Travelers & CEO of B.A.G. Travel