Chile · October 27 - November 13 2023

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Explore Patagonian fjords, Antarctica, Valparaíso, and Buenos Aires all-on ONE incredible trip!

Explore Patagonian fjords, Antarctica, Valparaíso, and Buenos Aires all-on ONE incredible trip!

Hurtigruten's experienced Expedition Team offers meaningful context to what you see and experience.

Discover Valparaíso, the ‘Jewel of the Pacific’

Discover Valparaíso, the ‘Jewel of the Pacific’

Filled with enticing scents and sounds, this friendly, UNESCO-listed Chilean beach city is an exhilarating maze of alleyways and barrios, colorful houses, and ‘mercados’ packed with local produce. Tip: Take it all on a funicular ride up to Cerro Alegre and Concepción.

Exploring Patagonia's fjords and witness scenic landscapes filled with wildlife

Exploring Patagonia's fjords and witness scenic landscapes filled with wildlife

Your journey south along the Chilean coast takes you through the ruggedly beautiful island chains that make up the fjords of Magallanes Province. Isolated, waterfall-gushing islands and hidden bays create a rich haven for wildlife such as Guanacos (llamas), Magellanic penguins, elephant seals, and various whale species.

Antarctica: Another World

Antarctica: Another World

Nothing prepares you for your first sight of Antarctica’s immense, frozen beauty. Icebergs, sculpted by nature, float in the straits. Gentoo and chinstrap penguins court while Adélie penguins nest. Countless seabirds wheel overhead. Nature is in charge.

Take an Eco-Conscious Cruise

Take an Eco-Conscious Cruise

Hurtigruten is #1 on CNN Travel's "World's Most Eco-Conscious Cruises". They are THE green-energy leader with the lowest possible CO2 footprint of all Antarctic cruises!

Enjoy Dazzling Buenos Aires

Enjoy Dazzling Buenos Aires

Our journey ends with a flight to the renowned capital of Argentina, but it doesn't have to stop there. We recommend requesting a quote for one of our optional Post-Programs to explore this great city.


Your Host and Tour Operator

Hurtigruten Expeditions

Hurtigruten Expeditions

Hurtigruten has been sailing polar waters since 1893. Yes...130 years! NOW is your chance to explore one of our many destinations with a special offer. B.A.G. Travel is especially delighted to be a partner. HURRY! The offer expires on May 30th, 2023.
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Mike Henderson

Mike Henderson

Hey, travelers! My name is Mike Henderson, founder, and CEO of B.A.G. Travel. I am a 10+ year group travel planning veteran who has traveled to over 25 countries with a passion for sharing life-changing global adventures with others. 



See vibrant Valparaíso, the stilt houses of Castro, the spectacular Patagonian mountains surrounding Puerto Natales, and the beautifully-icy mystery of Antarctica.




Valparaíso, Chile

Valparaíso, a UNESCO gem

Discover Valparaíso, the ‘Jewel of the Pacific’ 
Your Antarctica and Patagonia expedition cruise begins in colorful Valparaíso. Known as the ‘Jewel of the Pacific,’ this friendly UNESCO-listed city is built on steep hillsides overlooking the ocean.

Filled with enticing scents and sounds, it’s an exhilarating maze of alleyways and barrios, colorful houses, and ‘mercados’ packed with local produce. Take it all on a funicular ride up to Cerro Alegre and Concepción. 

Optional: Explore more of the region on one of our optional Pre-Programs.


At Sea

Learn, Eat, and Relax at Sea

Two days at sea mean relaxing and learning enthralling information. The more deeply you understand what you see and experience along the way, the more you can appreciate the cultural nuances and the intricate features of nature we encounter. The experts on the Expedition Team host several programs on-board and specialize in fields ranging from biology, volcanism, oceanography, geology, ornithology, glaciology, history, photography, and many more. 

Feed your mind and your body on board:
- Three onboard restaurants to delight you and your taste buds. 
- Indoor training facilities, an infinity pool, an outdoor running track, and an outdoor gym. 
- Recharge your batteries with a wellness treatment in the spa, free your pores in the sauna, or soak in one of the outdoor hot tubs.  






Chiloé, Chile

Chilote Capital

Time to stretch your legs while ashore in Chile’s third-oldest city. It is the largest city on the island of Chiloé, which is thought to have first been settled more than 7,000 years ago. This rustic city’s main attractions are the colorful ‘palafitos’, wooden houses mounted on stilts along the water’s edge. 
- Two UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Iglesia San Francisco and Iglesia de Señora de Gracia de Nercón
- Are you into art, archaeology, and ethnography? The regional museum of Castro is a nice spot, and the Chiloé Museum of Modern Art houses a significant collection of contemporary art. 


Through fabled Patagonian waters

Southward we sail through the fabled waters of Patagonia and to one of the world’s most remote and beautiful places: the province of Última Esperanza, which means ‘Last Hope’. 

The sailor Juan Ladrillero gave it this name as he sought the Strait of Magellan in 1557. This was his ‘last hope’ to find the strait after exploring the maze of channels between the Pacific and the mainland. Find a comfortable chair with a view and feast your eyes on the vast expanse of undisturbed nature. 


Puerto Edén, Chile

Puerto Edén: An Isolated Paradise

This tiny, charming village is known for its isolated location at the end of a deep fjord, surrounded by mountains and only accessible by sea. Once a month, a ferry is available to transport residents to the nearest coastal city, Tortel, just over 60 miles away. The population of 250 people includes the 15 remaining members of the indigenous Kawéskar people. 


Puerto Natales, Chile

Hikers’ refuge

Scottish and German immigrants founded Puerto Natales in 1911. They came to export lamb and wool back to Europe. Today, the city has around 20,000 residents and hosts a constant flow of adventure travelers from around the world—a stop on their way to the world-renowned Torres del Paine National Park. Join us on an optional excursion to the national park or simply hang out in Puerto Natales. 

The waterfront is particularly photogenic, such as the wooden posts of the old pier stretching toward the fjord and snow-capped mountains in the background. 


Patagonia, Chile

Exploring a fjord-filled paradise

Civilization is behind us now as we set off toward the deep fjords of Chile. One of the most enjoyable sights is the view from the deck of the towering mountains plunging into the icy water. 

Weather and time permitting, we might launch our small boats (RIBs) for a scenic cruise around the majestic fjords. The Expedition Team might even lead you on a hike ashore to see first-hand how the glacial ice has scoured between the mountains, creating gorgeous isolated islands and hidden bays. 


Cape Horn and Drake Passage

Cape Horn and the Drake Passage

After sailing through the scenic Beagle Channel, we will turn to head straight south toward Antarctica. In doing so, we will pass the southernmost tip of South America, Cape Horn. Its fame as an essential spot for round-the-world sailings is matched by its notoriety for strong winds and wild waves whipping around the cliffs. Should the weather allow, you might be among an elite few who have set foot on this dramatic island. 

From Cape Horn, we head straight down into the legendary Drake Passage, which places us on the doorstep of the pristine seventh continent. 



The most remote and beautiful place on Earth

Has nature ever left you completely stunned? Prepare for that feeling as we reach Antarctica. Its immensity amazes, and its stark beauty astonishes. Some guests burst into tears from joy and sheer awe. To make the experience even more magnificent, your visit in late austral spring means many sculpted icebergs will float in the straits. 

Throughout your four days here, you will join the Expedition Team on a range of landings and ice cruises using small boats (RIBs) that will bring you to scenic locations and penguin colonies on and around the Antarctic Peninsula and surrounding islands. Weather permitting, you may also be lucky enough go snowshoeing or kayaking. 

To further engage with Antarctica’s unique environment, you can join different Citizen Science projects, such as photographing whales, seabirds, and leopard seals; samplingphytoplankton; or cloud and sea ice observation. 


At Sea

Northward Return

After spending four days in Antarctica, the time has come to head back north. Your mind will be chock full of unforgettable sights and sounds. Your camera’s memory cards will be even fuller and loaded with impressive images. Head over to the Science Center to talk about your experiences in Antarctica with members of the Expedition Team and other guests and keep the experience going a little longer. Don’t forget that you can unwind from all the excitement with a pampering in the Wellness Center. 


Ushuaia/Buenos Aires

One adventure ends and another begins

The expedition cruise ends as we reach Ushuaia in Tierra del Fuego, the southernmost province of Argentina. Your Antarctic adventure may be over, but that just means the next one is beginning. We will transfer you to the airport for your flight to Buenos Aires. Consider spending a few extra days here before heading back home. With its museums, theaters, and wide selection of tango shows, it is well worth taking the opportunity to explore this exciting city.

If you’re still hungry for adventure and beautiful scenery, we strongly recommend joining a Post-Program to the incredible Iguazú Falls.

We hope that your Antarctic exploration will hold a special place in your heart and mind for decades to come. Let your experiences on this expedition inspire you to embark on many more adventures, always with sustainability and respect for nature at the forefront.

What's included

What's Included

Transfer from the ship to the Ushuaia airport after the expedition cruise

Flight in economy class from Ushuaia to Buenos Aires

Expedition cruise in a cabin of your choice

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner, including beverages (house beer and wine, sodas, and mineral water) in restaurants Aune and Fredheim

Fine-dining Lindstrøm, À la carte restaurant, is included for suite guests

Complimentary tea and coffee

Complimentary Wi-Fi on board. Be aware that we sail in remote areas with limited connection. Streaming is not supported.

Complimentary reusable water bottle to fill at onboard water refill stations

English-speaking Expedition Team who organize and guide activities, both on board and ashore

Range of included activities

Experts from the Expedition Team present lectures on a variety of topics

Use of the ship’s Science Center which has an extensive library and advanced biological and geological microscopes

The Citizen Science program allows guests to contribute to current scientific research

The onboard professional photographer will give tips and tricks for taking the best landscape and wildlife photos

The ship has hot tubs, a sauna, an outdoor and indoor gym, and an outdoor running track

Participate in informal gatherings with the crew, such as daily recaps and the next day’s preparations

Escorted landings by small boats (RIBs) while in Antarctica

Loan of boots, trekking poles, and all equipment needed for the activities

Complimentary wind- and water-resistant expedition jacket

Expedition Photographers will help configure your camera settings before landings

See for our full list of exclusions.

International flights

Travel protection - see B.A.G. Travel's optional Travel Protection offer through Allianz Global.

Baggage handling

Optional shore excursions with our local partners

Optional small-group activities with our Expedition Team

Optional treatments in the onboard wellness and spa area

Go BOGO to Antarctica & Patagonia on Hurtigruten Expedition Cruises

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The Immense and Inspiring 7th Continent

Explore this wild and wonderful frozen continent and see penguins, whales and seals in their natural habitat

See endless ranges of snow-coated mountains and the majesty of iceberg sculpted by sun, wind, and waves.The krill-rich waters are a beacon for abundant wildlife; whales, seals, seabirds and of course, penguins.Visitors can go on landings ashore, on small boat cruises, kayaking, snowshoeing, camping, and maybe even a polar plunge. Hurtigruten’s ships to Antarctica combine hybrid technology, helping us have the lowest possible CO2-footprint as possible.

Photo by: Hurtigruten AS 

Go BOGO to Antarctica & Patagonia on Hurtigruten Expedition Cruises

Trip Tips

Weather Rules!

Weather Rules!

All planned activities are subject to weather and ice conditions

Subject to Change

Subject to Change

Excursions and activities are subject to change

Entry and Boarding Requirements

Entry and Boarding Requirements

Please ensure you can meet all entry and boarding requirements



No gratuities are expected



I joined BAG Travel to Puerto Vallarta on May 2022. It was a great trip; got to meet new friends to travel with, and got to experience new activities that haven't done before on my previous visits to PVR. Would definitely join more trips in the future.

Alejandro Corona


The Yosemite trip was very enjoyable and well-organized. Definitely recommend this trip whether it’s your first time to Yosemite or whether you are a repeat visitor.

Alex Kogoi

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Request a Travel Protection Quote for your entire trip.

Request a Travel Protection Quote for your entire trip.

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Request a quote for transportation to/from the airport

Request a quote for transportation to/from the airport

Request a quote on airfare for the cruise from your home airport


Welcome Package - Basic

Welcome Package - Basic

Hurtigruten's Basic Welcome Package includes: champagne, homemade root vegetables chips, cured ham & salami, chocolate pralines, roasted almonds, and a fresh water pitcher....
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Request a 3-night, post-cruise stay in beautiful Buenos Aires.

Request a 3-night, post-cruise stay in beautiful Buenos Aires.

An optional Buenos Aires experience package for November 13-17, 2023, will be offered for bookings by June 15th, 2023 for additional charge....
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Beverage Package - Upgrade

Beverage Package - Upgrade

This is a package that will suit those guests who like to be able to choose their beverage more specifically to pair their meals - a more premium selection of beer and wine, in addition to a wide selection of spirits/drinks. Valid throughout the day within opening hours in all restaurants....
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Request Airfare Quote for arrival in Santiago and departure from Buenos Aires

Request Airfare Quote for arrival in Santiago and departure from Buenos Aires

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You'll Be Staying Here

MS Fridtjof Nansen

MS Fridtjof Nansen

MS Fridtjof Nansen is the latest addition to Hurtigruten’s fleet of custom built ships – and the next generation expedition ship. Every element of the new ship is designed to enhance the journey and create a warm and informal atmosphere.

About the Ship
Designed for unforgettable expeditions in the spirit of Norwegian polar hero and Nobel Prize winner: Fridtjof Nansen. From the innovative hybrid electric-powered engines that enables us to quietly glide into the pristine wilderness to the elegant, modern cabin furnishings, everything is created with your adventure in mind. 

Nansen Science Center
The Science Center serves as the learning and social hub of the expedition and a venue for guests and crew to meet to create a deeper understanding of the areas we explore. Nansen Science Center will also be the onboard headquarters for the Expedition Team

Restaurants & Bars
MS Fridtjof Nansen's three restaurants will host a variety of dining options, with menus drawn from our rich Norwegian and Nordic tradition, as well as international cuisine and local inspiration.Whether enjoying your meal at Aune Main Dining, Fredheim – the informal international meeting place, or the specialty restaurant Lindstrøm, you will indulge in low key yet refined, modern Norwegian Nordic cooking – where our honest and delicious cuisine reflects our destinations.

Wellness & Recreation
After a day of exploring new destinations, guests can relax and rejuvenate in the elegant Explorer Lounge, a large gym and Wellness center, or enjoy the scenery and sunsets on the massive in- and outdoor Observation Decks with the aft infinity pool and hot tubs as one of the highlights.

Decks and Cabins
The decks serve different purposes such as observation decks, pool, gym and running track. The cabins feature fine Scandinavian materials and provide premium comfort. All cabins are outside for excellent views.

Ship Highlights

All cabins and suites enjoy outside views

Science Center with advanced microscopes

Wellness Center with massage and spa treatments

Expedition Team

Three restaurants

Indoor and outdoor gyms with on-deck running track

Outdoor infinity pool and two hot tubs

Sauna with a panoramic outside view

Explorer Lounge and Bar

Indoor and outdoor observation decks

Expedition launch/Tender pit

On board shop

Lecture hall and group room

50% of all cabins are suites with a private balcony

(Photo courtesy of: Espen Mills / Hurtigruten fotograf)


  1. Please note that each traveler is responsible for finding their roommate. Please review our Terms & Conditions page for more info on B.A.G. Travel's Roommate policy. 

  2. Passengers must have a roommate to qualify for the BOGO offer and can take advantage of the 50% Solo Traver offer instead (subject to meeting the conditional and availability). 

  3. When booking your package, please add all available items that you want (Travel Protection, Optional Tours/Activities, etc.). All payments shall be made in (USD).

  4. First Payment (Deposit) - Please know the deposit payment amounts and deadline.

  5. Payment Types: Only credit and debit card payments are accepted and subject to a convenience (processing) fee. 

  6. Additional Payments: You may make additional payments beyond the deposit until the Final Payment Deadline.

IMPORTANT: WITHOUT TRAVEL PROTECTION COVERAGE, ALL PAYMENTS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE AND NON-TRANSFERABLE. Investing in Travel Protection will allow you to enjoy your trip with the confidence of coverage by one of the world's most experienced travel insurers.  If a traveler becomes ill during a tour and has not purchased insurance, all hospital and medical expenses are the traveler’s responsibility.

Fun fact: Allianz was the one who underwrote the Wright Brothers' inaugural flight in 1903, many Hollywood movies, and even the construction of the Golden Gate Bridge.

 *All cancellations must be submitted through the claim process of your chosen Insurance Company.

Getting Your Trip Covered:

1. Click HERE for more info on terms and coverage. B.A.G. Travel has a special group rate for this tour - offered by our global partner: Allianz Travel Insurance. 

2. Purchase the "Travel Protection" by adding it to your cart before check-out. Payment is due in full at the time of purchase. You will receive your policy documents within 30 days of this tour's final payment due date.

Passengers registering for the tour accept the responsibility for being in good health and able to walk and travel on tour(s). Because many of the sites are not accessible to the physically challenged, those needing oxygen, wheelchairs, or other ambulatory assistance will find the tour extremely limiting to their experiences. We reserve the right to refuse or revoke travel to anyone who is, in the sole judgment of B.A.G. Travel, incapable of group travel without causing undue demands upon the staff or other tour participants. 

IMPORTANT - Please upload passport information via digital copy electronically during the time of booking within the "Passport Info" section of our Pre-Departure Information Form.

  • The name provided must be precisely the same as what appears on your passport. If the names submitted do not match the passport information, please understand that costly name change fees may be incurred, and you will be invoiced accordingly by B.A.G. Travel.
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  • If passport Information is not received on that date before travel, the traveler will be responsible for possible V.A.T. taxes imposed by the hotels and invoiced by B.A.G. Travel.

Pricing: Pricing is “Based on Los Angeles and New York Prices,” and B.A.G. Travel will look for the best routing for the group from the city(s) the group is coming from.

Deviations: Passengers who choose to depart from a different city than the group, deviate from the group, or travel on a pre or post-tour will be on another flight(s) from the group.

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Air Upgrades & Deviations:

  • Economy Plus / Premium Economy: $2000+
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Costs can be much higher depending on the airline and routing.

Upgrade Procedures: Any passenger choosing to upgrade or deviate from the group will not travel with the group.

  1. Must submit a passport copy before the request can be quoted
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Most deviations require separate transfers to and from the group hotel. B.A.G. Travel can arrange these transfers ahead of time for an additional cost.

Travel Protection costs will increase because of upgrades or deviations. Increases must be paid with upgrade/deviation payment. B.A.G. Travel will provide an updated invoice for the additional Travel Protection cost. 

Due to limited motorcoach capacity, B.A.G. Travel requests that tour members carry one suitcase plus one carry-on flight bag. 

  • Garment bags cannot be handled. 
  • Additional baggage is subject to a supplemental charge. 
  • Porterage for one standard-sized suitcase is included at all overseas airports and hotels and is collected in advance by B.A.G. Travel. 
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Current health and security measures around COVID-19 may impact this trip's elements and affect some travel services' operations. COVID-19 is causing constant and ongoing changes in the application of the above measures, and the way an airline, airport, or country chooses to deal with the threat of COVID is constantly changing.

The country you are traveling to may all have strict requirements on travel to limit the spread of COVID-19.

These requirements may include but are not limited to the following:

  • Wearing masks at airports, on flights, and in public.
  • Active testing for COVID-19 may include testing before permission is granted to board any flight or enter a country
  • Being able to show proof of health via formalized means (Certificate or similar)
  • Subject to screening on arrival at your destination or any transit country.
  • Subject to quarantine periods in any country subject to screening results.
  • Changing restrictions on sightseeing due to closures or other public health concerns.
  • Subject to limitation/restrictions on travel to the destination by your country of residence/citizenship.
  • Possible compulsory quarantine on return to your country of residence/citizenship.

Each traveler is responsible for keeping themselves informed of all requirements about their trip and any COVID-19-based restrictions. We suggest these are constantly monitored until departure, as they can change anytime. So that you know, B.A.G. Travel is not liable for any loss due to failure to read and understand the information and its relationship to your trip. For more information, B.A.G. Travel recommends consulting your own and the destination country’s Government websites for any specific travel advisory details about your trip.

Please keep in mind that all touring is subject to change based on the local operator's discretion. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this contract. While you see all the sites listed on the itinerary, the order of sites/or days may be altered to accommodate changes in airline schedules, hotel schedules, or local conditions. If the itinerary changes necessitate overnights, you will be charged a minimum of $125 per person in a double occupancy room or a minimum of $175 per night in a single room. Meals for extra nights are not included. 

Unless otherwise stated in the B.A.G. Travel Terms and Conditions, all payments are non-refundable and non-transferable. This is because B.A.G. Travel has contractual agreements with hotels, airlines, and other vendors that will not allow us to obtain refunds. This way, we can keep Our package prices competitive will enable you to make monthly payments for your dream vacation.  

ROOMMATE CANCELLATIONS: Please note that if your roommate cancels, you will be responsible for paying the difference in room cost if you cannot secure a replacement within 30-days of departure. 

Refer to our Terms and Conditions page for full details:

"BOGO" on an Antarctic Cruise with Hurtigruten Expeditions!

Chile · October 27 - November 13 2023 · 17 nights